Shahid Kapoor : Mausam

Following shahid kapoor in twitter I just came to know he was about to land at edinburgh airport and will be shooting there for his upcoming movie 'mausam' staring sonam kapoor and directed by his father pankaj kapoor. After that I was just googling all day to find out the shooting spots and just have a glance of him for once. Finally after 4/5 days my friend rang up and told me ... 'Hey here's shooting going on ... shahid is here !!' .. What next then .. just ran there with my camera. There was high security, no one can take pictures and there were 10 / 15 bouncer types bodyguard around him. As i raise my camera they would come near me and warn me which was really disappointing :( 

Anyways using many tips and tricks I was able to take these shots and it was taken nearly year ago. I am publishing it now because the movie is now ready to release on the date 16th September. 
#1 : Sonam Kapoor walking to the spot.

#2: Shahid kapoor

#3 : Cast and crew of the movie : Mausam.

#4: Pankaj Kapoor along with his daughter. 

#5: Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor reading their script.


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