Highway To Cardiff

Been to Cardiff, Wales few days ago, It was an awesome place to be. It is the capital, largest city and most populous county of Wales. Within Cardiff we found unique attractions, quality shopping, things to do and attractive places to visit. But today my photography collection includes the shots that I took in the highway : going to - and coming back from Cardiff. Enjoy !!


  1. बाईरोडको बाटोमा धुलो उडाउदै मोटर गुडाउदै, क्यामेरा घुमाउदै, फोकस मिलाउदै, एपर्रचर चलाउदै, सतर स्पिड बधाउदै, किल्लर क्पोजिसन बनाउदै ल है :)


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