Paint Me Yellow ~ !

when I first look at Yellow color there are so many things that clicks on my mind : Spring Bloom, Warmth of a sun, Happiness and so many more. Yellow is sunshine and it denotes happiness and joy and it is one of the warm colors. Yellow also indicates cheerfulness, giving you a higher vibration of energy, all the while inspiring a stronger awareness of your soul knowledge.

Yellow has no boundaries and spirals upward with the strength of your integrity.

So today I am about to present the Best Yellow that are on my collection. Looking at them just make me feel warm inside. Enjoy:

#1 : Blooming Flower, Kathmandu, Nepal.
#2 : At the bank of Narayani River, Narayanghat, Nepal.
#3 : Yellow Frog, Deep Sea World, Scotland.
#4 : Warm Welcome, Kathmandu,Nepal.

#5 : Bee on a yellow flower, Edinburgh, Scotland.
#6 : DHL on the Job, Edinburgh, Scotland
#7 : Yellow Chameleon, Deep Sea World, Scotland
#8 : Sunflower, Trishuli, Nepal.
#9 : Yellow Rose, Greenford, London.
#10 : Spring Yellow Leaf, Perivale, London.
#11 : Sunset Reflection, Northolt, London.
#12 : Yellow Lizard, Narayanghat, Nepal.
#13 : Birds Enjoying Sunset, Edinburgh, Scotland.
#14 : Macro Melon, Edinburgh, Scotland.
#15 : Yellow Flower, Kathamandu, Nepal.
#16 : Bee in a Yellow flower, Kathmandu, Nepal.


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